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What does spoiler mean?

What does spoiler mean?

beat the predicted winner

Why is it called spoiler?

A spoiler is an automobile accessory that improves its aerodynamics. It’s called a spoiler because it “spoils” the effects of undesired air movement— called turbulence or drag— across the body of the vehicle as it moves. Front spoilers are called air dams.

What is a spoiler alert mean?

: a reviewer’s warning that a plot spoiler is about to be revealed.

What do you call someone who spoils movies?

In practice, more likely epithets would be blabbermouth, bigmouth, blabber, blabberer, chatterbox, loudmouth, motormouth, squealer, telltale, tattletale.

How do you use spoiler alert in a sentence?

Example sentences spoiler alert

  1. His focus is on the ending, read aloud at the outset – so perhaps the continuity announcer should introduce the show with a spoiler alert.
  2. Oh – and spoiler alert – they get married.
  3. And – spoiler alert – no one has resorted to cannibalism.

Is spoiling a movie Illegal?

Spoiling a movie or tv series may upset many people but the state does not consider it as an offence to others or a national problem which needs to be dealt with by making it illegal. The country has better things to concentrate on rather than wasting funds on making spoilers illegal.

Do Spoilers Ruin stories?

According to research by UC San Diego psychology professor Nicholas Christenfeld, spoilers don’t ruin a story: They make you enjoy it even more. Each episode explores a groundbreaking idea and the brilliant UC minds behind it.

How do you stop spoilers?

How to avoid spoilers on your web browser

  1. Spoiler Protection 2.0 – Available for Google Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Unspoiler – Available for Google Chrome.
  3. IMDb Hide Episode Spoilers – Available for Google Chrome.
  4. Shut Up – Available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  5. TinyFilter PRO – Available for Google Chrome.

How much does a spoiler cost?

The cost of a spoiler may vary depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Excluding labor costs, an OE replacement spoiler will cost you anywhere from around $15 to around $115 on average. Most aftermarket spoilers are sold individually and come in a primed finish.

When can you spoil a movie?

Never spoil a movie. Remember that there are always lots of people who have not yet seen it, no matter how old the movie. Always label spoilers clearly and largely so that those who have not seen it can avoiding reading. If you label clearly, there is no time limit to be considered.

How long until spoilers are OK?

three to five days

What is the spoiler rule?

For major movie releases, everything after the first half hour should be clearly marked with a SPOILER ALERT until two Mondays after their release. That gives moviegoers two weekends to see the films.

How long should you wait for spoilers?

Seitz says you should wait 48 hours before discussing what happened on TV shows like GOT, one week for new movies and 4 days for binge-able Netflix series like ‘House of Cards’ before it’s fair game to let your thumbs unleash your stockpile of spoilers online.

Does spoiler make car faster?

because decades of testing has proven that rear spoilers make cars perform better at high speeds. Spoilers on the front of a vehicle are often called air dams, because in addition to directing air flow they also reduce the amount of air flowing underneath the vehicle which generally reduces aerodynamic lift and drag.

Can any spoiler fit any car?

Most of the time, there isn’t a problem with adding a spoiler to any car, but if it goes wrong then you will be left with holes in the trunk and no spoiler to show for it.

What’s the difference between a wing and a spoiler?

Wings are airfoils designed to directly deflect air upwards and thus push the rear of the vehicle down. They generally add quite a bit of drag. Spoilers are barricades to undesirable flows, and thus are able to reshape airflow streams around the vehicle.

Does spoiler affect gas mileage?

A properly designed spoiler, like one designed with wind tunnel testing, will balance the need for downforce on the car at high speeds against the need for fuel economy on the car. So, it might decrease mileage a bit, but it will provide the downforce required.

Does a spoiler make a difference?

“Usually, spoilers are intended to increase downforce – they deflect air upward, which creates a downward force on the car,” says Dr. “This helps stick the tires to the road to give the car better grip and therefore better handling in cornering.” Spoilers can also reduce drag, Agelin-Chaab says.

What cars have spoilers?

10 Best Cars with Rear Spoilers

  • 2017 Toyota Prius.
  • 2017 Ford GT.
  • 2018 Audi TT RS.
  • 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.
  • 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe.
  • 2018 Subaru WRX STI.
  • 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R.
  • 2017 Porsche 911 GT3.

What is the purpose of a spoiler?

A rear spoiler is one of the most common aerodynamic accessories used to disrupt the flow of air. Its design ‘spoils’ the smooth flow of air at the back of a vehicle to disrupt and prevent lift.

Can you remove a spoiler from your car?

you should never remove the spoiler. EVER! it will ruin the way the car drives and handles. unless you just keep it in the garage, in show room floor or at the car show – it must be driven to them places on a trailer.

Why do SUVS have spoilers?

Basically, the spoiler allows the air to not get caught up in the rear of the vehicle, causing less drag, and when there is less drag there is less force needed to keep the vehicle moving forward. When this happens it means the engine has to work less, giving you much better gas mileage.

Does a roof spoiler work?

Roof spoilers (also known as “window spoilers”) are most effective on hatchbacks, station wagons, and sport utilities where the rear of the vehicle drops off sharply and there’s no other trunk edge to speak of. In such cases, these roof spoilers effectively create the extra down force needed to enhance stability.

What is the benefit of a car spoiler?

The spoiler raises the downward force on the back of the car increasing both traction and braking ability. Even at higher speeds, drivers have an easier time braking, making driving even safer with the addition of the spoiler. Fuel efficiency can also be affected by adding a spoiler to your vehicle.

Where does spoiler return to?

Port of Spain

How does a spoiler work?

Most common spoiler functions include disrupting some type of airflow passing over and around a moving vehicle. A common spoiler diffuses air by increasing amounts of turbulence flowing over the shape, “spoiling” the laminar flow and providing a cushion for the laminar boundary layer.