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How much does a transmission cost for a 2005 Ford 500?

How much does a transmission cost for a 2005 Ford 500?

2005 Ford Five Hundred Automatic Transmission – from $2574.99+ |

How much is the labor to replace a transmission?

A used/salvage transmission ranges from $800 to $1500, a rebuilt transmission from $1100 to $2800 and a remanufactured from $1300 to $3400. The labor to remove and replace a transmission ranges from $500 to $1200 for 4 to 10 hours of billed time.

What kind of transmission does a 2006 Ford 500 have?

six-speed automatic transmission

What type of transmission does a Ford 500 have?

Ford Five Hundred
Related Mercury Montego Ford Freestyle/Taurus X
Engine 3.0 L Duratec 30 V6
Transmission ZF Batavia CFT30 CVT 6-speed Aisin F21 automatic

What kind of transmission does a 2007 Ford 500 have?

Air conditioning, keyless entry, overhead and front consoles, and CD player are standard equipment. For 2007, all Five Hundreds will get standard side-impact airbags and Safety Canopy side curtain airbags….Smart Buy Price.

Engine 3.0L V-6
Transmission 6-spd auto w/OD
Power 203 @ 5750 rpm
Drivetrain front-wheel

Does a 2006 Ford 500 have a CVT transmission?

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a six-speed automatic are available, and buyers have a choice of front- or all-wheel drive.

Are Ford 500 good cars?

Most reliable car I have owned. I purchased the Ford Five Hundred in 2013 and have had it ever since. It is a very reliable car and have not had any major problems with it. I love the cabin space, leather heated seats, and the sun roof. It is a very comfortable ride with user friendly features.

Does a 2005 Ford 500 have a timing belt or chain?

The 500/Montego has a timing chain.

What is the book value on a 2007 Ford 500?

2007 Ford Five Hundred Value – $726-$4,812 | Edmunds.

Does a 2005 Ford 500 have a cabin filter?

Our research indicates that your vehicle does not have a cabin air filter (also known as a pollen or AC filter).

What color is the transmission fluid?

dark red